The Easiest Way to Make Your Home Look Polished—Stat

Raise your hand if your Pinterest boards are filled with sleek and beautifully polished spaces, but you have no idea how to replicate the look. Our favorite interior designers have a knack for mixing and matching patterns, periods, and styles in a way that looks effortless, un-decorated, and never try-hard. But try to do the same, and you may find yourself thinking Will these patterns really go together? Is the scale right? What's missing here?

In an effort to make this process a little more streamlined, we identified eight really easy tricks to make your space look more polished. Better yet, you can easily weave these décor tricks into your home in as little as one weekend—no designer required. Whether it's adding a plant here, or removing a pillow there, these easy updates will give your rooms a certain something that will set them apart, and make them look more expensive than they actually are. Adopt these eight designer-approved styling tricks to add a sophisticated air to your space.