6 Fireplace Screens That Will Transform Your Whole Room

Fireplace screens are the ugly stepsister when it comes to fireplace styling, often overlooked for what hangs above the fire (a flatscreen) or what sits on the mantel (an animal horn). But in fact, a screen takes makes up more space than both of the former, so opting for something more elegant or statement-making than your standard wire screen can truly transform your room. Arteriors Home has come to the rescue with a new collection of fireplaces accessories that are nothing short of spectacular. GinaScreen

Gina Screen, $1560.

We love how the antique brass Gina Screen mimics the organic shapes of rising flames.


Georgie Screen, $1440.

The natural iron and mesh Georgie Screen is a little bit Gothic and a little bit Moorish -- an unusual but welcome mix.


Giselle Screen, $1296.

Mirrored, well, everything is a trend that's still going strong, so why not put a little reflection in front of the fire? With an antiqued finish, the Giselle Screen has a much-loved glamorous look.


Hartman Screen, $960.

Inspired by none other than famed Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, the Hartman Screen will put a little De Stijl style in front of your hearth.


Houston Screen, $1320.

With a timeless geometric pattern, the Houston Screen is charming and classic -- a fine match for traditional interiors.


Gautier Screen, $1032.

Made with Old World metalwork techniques, the Gautier Screen evokes a whirl of free-flowing ribbons; it's perfect for an artsy interior.

Like what you see? All of these designs are available at Interior HomeScapes.