27 Unbelievably Stylish Pet Supplies to Elevate Your Space

I grew up with two dogs. I loved them dearly, and it’s safe to say that I’ve known since I was a toddler that I would one day be a pet owner. In 2016, my boyfriend and I adopted our beloved Beagle-Mutt, Churro. She has challenged us, barked at us, and brought more joy to our life than we thought possible. This past spring, we decided to give her a new sibling. We brought home a 7-week-old Great Dane puppy named Cannoli and never looked back. As someone who loves to spoil their dogs, I often find myself in a dilemma. I’m constantly trying to find pet-friendly products that aren’t kitschy or tacky. While guests will quickly realize that I have pets due to pet hair and occasional barking, I still want them to enter my home and think that it’s well put together.

After bringing Cannoli home, I got to work and did some research. I made it my mission to find more pet accessories that were tasteful and stylish and that I would be proud to show off. I then reached out to other pet owners, my delightful co-workers, to see if their dogs would enjoy these products as well, and the result was more than I could have hoped for. If you’re someone who’s looking for a new dog bed that fits your elevated taste, a well-crafted set of food and water bowls, or if you’ve just love seeing adorable photos of dogs, you’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling for 27 products that are dog tested and owner approved.


Paley Fairman

Gemma the Mini Bernedoodle enjoys the Sheep Bed ($280), Robin Ceramic Bowl ($140), and Harper Porcelain Bowl($100).

"The Max-Bone Teepee is such a cute addition to our home! It has turned Gatsby's bed into such a cute area. Our dog and cat also love the added privacy it gives them. Also, very easily assembled and disassembled if needed."— Allie Boyer, Gatsby's Owner and Paid Media Strategist

"Since having the Waggo dog bed, I can hardly get Pico out of it! The middle cushion is particularly soft and full, and the cotton fabric helps her to keep cool in this hot weather. It is easily removed to knock out crumbs from treats, and all the covers come off easily thanks to the sturdy zips, which makes machine washing and drying perfect for durability. The elegant stripped blue-and-cream design fits well with our décor, so both owner and pup are happy!" — Cassandra Lear, Pico's Owner and Creative Director

Paley Fairman

Suna the German Shepherd-Husky Mix enjoys the Fisher Dog Bed ($498), Robin Ceramic Bowl ($140), and Salty Dog Biscuit Tin ($17).

"The Casper Dog Bed is the best bed our dog has ever had. He loves to sleep in it, and it has a beautiful clean design that looks wonderful in our home." —Allie Boyer

"One of the most difficult parts of owning a Great Dane is finding items that actually fit their extra-large bodies and are aesthetically pleasing. The Sheep Bed from Max-Bone does just that. We love this bed almost as much as our dog does. The sleek and minimalist design blends perfectly with our other décor. Cannoli loves to rest her head on the sides of the bed while she sleeps, and she even lets her not-so-big sister lay in the bed with her too." — Aimee Jefferson, Cannoli's Owner and Social Media Editor

Paley Fairman

Cannoli the Great Dane enjoys the Vintage Stripe Envelope Bed ($70) and the Benchwright Pet Bowl and Stand ($89).

"Gemma loves her new striped bed. Every night that we hop into bed she runs to her bed and snuggles into a ball. Not only does Gemma love her new bed, but it matches perfectly with our bedroom. It's very chic and doesn't stick out." — Fontana Gasmer, Gemma's Owner and People Operations Manager 

"I actually turned this basket into a bed for my smaller dog, Oakley, and it's honestly the cutest little thing seeing him climb into this basket. When he's not laying in Nina's bed, I'll find Oakley nestled in his basket filled with his favorite blankets. It also looks great next to our (pet-friendly) plants." — Darin Medina, Nina's Owner and Senior Accountant

Paley Fairman

Gatsby the Shih Tzu Mix enjoys the Kash Bow Tie ($45), Casper Dog Bed ($125), Tortoise Biscuit Tin ($17), Doggie Toy Basket ($69), Garden Fresh Pumpkin Toy ($14), American Classic Hot Diggidy Dog Toy ($10), Cotton Rope Bone Dog Toy ($10).

"I did not expect Suna to enjoy this because she is a sprawler and likes to dangle off her current bed (which is low to the floor). To my surprise she LOVES this bed. I think she feels like a queen sitting raised up off the floor. It is EXTRA cushy, and she has been using it as her lounge bed during the day. I would recommend this for a medium-size dog, as it’s slightly small for her but she loves it regardless." — Paley Fairman, Suna's Owner and Photographer 

"My pitbull, Nina, instantly fell in love with this bed. It's soft and luxurious for the true diva in her. Usually she sleeps on the foot of my bed, but those days seem long gone. The only thing that keeps her from snuggling on her new bed is when my senior daschund, Oakley, steals it for himself." — Darin Medina

Paley Fairman

Pico the Chihuahua-Terrier Mix enjoys the Stripey Soiree Snuggler Dog Bed ($98) and the Gloss Ceramic Dog Treat Jar ($38).


"We love ceramic, and we love that Gemma gets to enjoy her food and water from these bowls. They are colorful and fun and elegant at the same time, and we can leave them out since they go with our home interior." — Fontana Gasmer

"We love these bowls because they look very classy and sleek. They're a big upgrade from our previous bowls on a rubber mat. Suna loves them, and we love the way they look in our home." — Paley Fairman, Suna's Owner and Photographer

Paley Fairman

Nina the Pitbull enjoys the Faux Fur Pet Bed ($53), Kennel Club Ceramic Dog Bowl($22), and Dipped Color Ceramic Dog Treat Jar ($38).

"As pet owners, it's always so hard to store treats without them going bad or putting them in a plastic bag. With the Waggo treat container, we love that it's beautiful enough to leave it out on your kitchen counter, and it keeps all of Gemma's treat fresh and at the same time, it's much more eco-friendly than a plastic bag." — Fontana Gasmer

"Great Danes and other tall dog breeds require a raised feeder. This is by far the most beautiful raised feeder I've found. It looks so beautiful in our home and Cannoli loves using it every day." — Aimee Jefferson


Paley Fairman

Gatsby the Shih Tzu Mix enjoys the Meeko Half Tone Dog Teepee ($220), Kash Bow Tie ($45), Round Belly Basket ($58), American Classic Barky Burger Toy ($15), American Classic Mutt's Milkshake Toy ($10), Garden Fresh Pumpkin Toy ($14), Cotton Rope Bone Dog Toy ($12), Decoy Duck Plush Toy ($14)

"Nina isn't crazy about every toy, but she seriously loved P.L.A.Y.'s Garden Fresh Zucchini Toy. She would barely take it out of her mouth during the shoot and proudly toted it around. It's definitely become her new favorite." — Darin Medina 

"The Barky Burger is Gemma's new favorite toy. The perfect toy to keep her entertained. She always runs to her play basket and picks it out of the bunch! She's always craving a hamburger."— Fontana Gasmer

"We're obsessed with the rope bones from Harry Barker. They're the perfect option for teething puppy teeth, and the rope detail is a modern take on a classic design." — Aimee Jefferson

Paley Fairman

Gemma the Mini Bernedoodle enjoys the Solid La Jolla Basket ($128), American Classic Barky Burger Toy ($15), American Classic Fluffy's Fried Chicken Toy ($10), Garden Fresh Pumpkin Toy ($14), Cotton Rope Bone Dog Toy ($12) Camper Dog Play Ball ($10)

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