There's a Box for That: Our Favorite Subscription Services to Gift


Original Graphics by Viviana Duron

We’ve all hit the jackpot with gift giving on occasion. A great gift speaks to the person you’re offering it to while offering some kind of practical service. For some of our editors, these gifts included a subscription to Netflix and Architectural Digest. After all, what’s better than a gift that keeps on giving? A single bottle of wine might feel like a lazy gift—but not a subscription aimed at discovering new grapes and varietals. Giving a book can feel underwhelming, but a subscription to the latest best sellers doesn’t.

Subscription gifts promise to keep your loved ones stocked with their favorite goods and services all throughout the year—and trust us: If your friends or family members are passionate about anything at all, from staying fit to cooking or even eating cheese, there’s a box for that. Discover some of our favorite subscriptions, and check a few gifts off your to-do list.

This story was originally published by Jillian Knox-Finley on November 11, 2015. It was updated by Gabrielle Savoie on Saturday, November 4, 2017.