10 Things Successful People Do Relentlessly

A recent Inc. article brings to light an interesting new way of thinking about success. Instead of focusing on networks or the failures that defined them on their journey toward success, author Bill Murphy Jr. argues that successful people are where they are because they practice good habits. “There are simply a number of things that almost all really successful people do every day, and that others simply quit when they get too hard or inconvenient,” Murphy points out. He lists out 17 practices that successful people never stop doing. Here are my favorite 10.

  1. Laughing: There is humor in every situation! If you can’t laugh at yourself and the world, you’re being overly serious.
  2. Learning: Successful people are constantly learning new things.
  3. Listening: In order to learn, you have to listen and successful people are usually active listeners who pay attention, think, and follow up with actions or questions.
  4. Empathizing: To be successful, you sometimes have to put yourself in another person’s shoes.
  5. Giving: Sometimes you need to ask for help, and successful people realize that in order to get people to want to help them, they need to be giving in return.
  6. Thanking: Gratitude cultivates affection, and successful people are usually well liked.
  7. Failing: Sometimes you’ve got to fail before you succeed.
  8. Adventuring: Being open to new experiences and not being afraid to travel will make you more successful.
  9. Loving: A life full of love is better than one that is filled with hate and negativity.
  10. Forgiving: Forgiving others is sometimes a gift to yourself.

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Do the most successful people in your life practice these habits?