The One Thing All Successful People Do

When you think about the traits successful people have in common, you likely make a mental list that includes things like leadership skills, confidence, and drive. You may even throw in some technical skills that pertain to their field, next-level charisma, or brilliant ideas they're able to communicate and execute. While all these things certainly add to the recipe for success, it turns out that the one skill all successful people have in common is the ability to let go of mistakes and learn from their failures.

As simple as it is, this skill has the potential to steer the direction of your life both professionally and personally. If you're adept at getting back on your feet after a failure—and better yet—learn from your error so as to not repeat it, you're already ahead of the game. The most successful people are experts at letting go and learning. Inc. lists all the ways the successful set actively practice this skill daily, and we've highlighted our favorites here.

They are constantly experimenting. If you see failures as opportunities to learn rather than something to be ashamed of, you'll approach risks with increased bravery and ability to bounce back. If something doesn't work on the first try, they try again, adjusting their method. Successful people greet every day as a new day and a fresh opportunity to try new things.

They give themselves a break. It may seem like the most successful people wouldn't ever settle for anything but the best, but they also recognize when to give themselves a break. Even if they're their own harshest critic, they realize they can't always come out on top. Successful people understand that it's better to pursue excellence than perfection. When their best isn't good enough, they move on, learn, and grow.

They stay focused on the future. Successful people actively work to shape their futures. Every step they take and every ounce of energy they put forward is in the direction they want their lives to go, yet they realize that the future arrives one day at a time. There's plenty of opportunity to shift your path or take a detour when necessary, as long as you make the most of your wiggle room by learning from your failures and eventually letting go.

Head over to Inc. to read the full list, then go to the comments to share the daily habits you practice to overcome obstacles and learn from your mistakes.