6 Lightweight Summer Comforters to Keep You Cool During Heat Waves

Updated 07/03/18
Summer Comforters

There are few more frustrating feelings in life than waking up drenched in sweat on a hot summer night and not being able to fall back asleep. If you naturally run hot or prefer to sleep with windows open rather than blasting your air conditioning, there is a multitude of reasons a heavy all-season comforter might not be for you. But lightweight blankets simply don't have the same fluff and coziness as a cloud-like duvet. 

The solution: a lightweight summer comforter. Usually available in either down or down alternative, the best summer duvets usually provide all of the fluff with none of the night sweats. Think it might be time to switch to a lightweight summer comforter that will keep you cool all night long? We handpicked our favorite summer comforters to bring you your best night's sleep yet—just combine with your best luxury sheets

Buffy Comforter $120

Buffy's lightweight plant-based comforter shell is engineered to let unwanted heat out so you stay cool all night.

Brooklinen Light Weight Down Comforter $299

Brooklinen's lightweight down comforter feels like sleeping in a cloud. The sateen cotton shell is filled with breathable white Canadian down, for a super-versatile level of warmth that will keep you cool in summer months.

Parachute Home Down Duvet Insert $239

Parachute's down lightweight duvet insert is light and fluffy, making it an ideal choice for hot summers or people who tend to run hot.

Snowe Down Comforter $198

Snowe's down comforter is made from ethically sourced premium French down. The lightweight option packs 40% less fill than the all-season one, resulting in a difference in insulation without sacrificing fluff.

IKEA Myskgräs Comforter $10

You really can't beat a $10 comforter if your number one priority is budget. This IKEA comforter is a thinner duvet that keeps you comfy and cool.

Somnos Therapeutic Weighted Comforter $249

Somnos recently launched the perfect hybrid between a weighted blanket and a duvet, made from highly breathable biodegradable silk-soft natural eucalyptus fibers to keep you zen and cool.

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