7 of the Season's Trendiest Flowers That Will Be in All the Bouquets

Looking to broaden your floral know-how? MyDomaine has teamed up with Floom, an online platform that allows you to order bouquets and plants from the best artisanal florists. Each month they’ll be offering their own personal guide to the coolest blooms you might be hankering after without knowing exactly what they are called or how to arrange them. Here are Floom's seven floral picks for August.

If there’s one thing that the age of Instagram has made us more aware of, it's that there are very few things more appealing than a well-captured flower. What’s frustrating is when you spot a perfectly petaled plant you immediately want to fill your garden and vases with, only to realize that you have no idea what it's called—but that's totally understandable. After all, there are an estimated 30,000 or so species of plants out there, all with innumerable subspecies.

Our advice? Take the blooms month by month. Every month provides a new set of vibrant options to wrap into the perfect arrangement. Here’s our personal guide to some of our favorite flowers that you might stumble across at this time of year, complete with a little extra info to impress your friends with. See what blooms made our August list and start building the perfect summer bouquet.

Which of these bright summer blooms is your top pick for August?