Take a Mental Vacation With These 17 Summer Reads

There's a lot to love about the summer, like longer days and balmy nights, or the spike in ice cream consumption and pool days to cool off. But as avid readers and travel enthusiasts, we think lounging with a good book in the sun during a day trip or while on vacation is the best part of the summer season. And with so many buzzy recent releases, we decided to compile a summer reading list. Don't worry, we promise it's a lot less tedious than the one you probably had to work through as a kid.

Even if you aren't planning on booking it to the nearest beach this summer, curling up with the books in our roundup in your own living room will be just as rewarding—maybe even more so if you plop yourself in front of the AC. From uplifting essays to haunting ghost stories, funny coming-of-age tales, and biting short stories, you'll definitely find at least one book worth dog-earing the pages. So without further ado, scroll through our selection of the best books to read this summer that are bound to satisfy a hungry bookworm.