Make These 10 Delicious Dishes Before Summer Ends

I am one of those people who is relentlessly pinning dishes that I want to make. However, when it comes time to plan a menu, I never seem to remember the hundreds of recipes that are on my Pinterest page. But every so often I browse my food pins to remind myself of all the scrumptious recipes I want to try. This morning I was doing just that when I had a terrifying realization: It’s August 21, and summer is almost over! I have not made enough dishes that incorporate heirloom tomatoes, farmers market zucchini, sweet stone fruit, and freshly picked blackberries! The ingredients of summer will only be around for a few more weeks, so it’s crucial to head to your local grocer and stock up on the bounty of the season. Need inspiration on what to do with the last of the corn, watermelon, and peaches? Here are 10 dishes that are on my make-before-summer-ends list.