This $30 Lightweight Moisturizer Will Save Your Skin This Summer

Although we've spilled a lot of ink on sunscreen lately (see exhibits A and B for great suncreen recommendations), summer skincare goes beyond simply slathering on some SPF. Between the rising temperatures and the palpable humidity, there are a number of environmental factors, aside from sunshine, to consider when editing your top-shelf for the summer. So, in search of a non-stripping cleanser and a brightening serum that won't exasperate already sun-sensitive skin, we turned to the pros. 

Ahead, Elyse Shelger, RN, Skin Laundry’s director of medical operations, and Parvaneh Rafaeloff, MD, a medical doctor at Le Jolie Medi Spa, share the products they actually use on themselves as soon as the temperatures starting edging into the 80s. Among their recommendations? A $30 face-saving lightweight moisturizer that quenches dehydrated skin without turning it into an oil slick. Keep scrolling for all five dermatologist-approved summer skincare swaps.

summer skincare swaps
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Swap Liquid Cleanser With an Exfoliating Scrub

A "gentle exfoliating cleanser helps close pores, reduces fine lines, and is perfect for keeping bacteria and acne at bay after a sweaty workout or rigorous summer activities like hiking and traveling," says Rafaeloff.

Stemulation Daily Micro Derm Scrub $38

Swap Heavy Cream With Lightweight Moisturizer

"Summer is a good time to switch up your moisturizing routine," says Shelger. "If you're currently using a heavy cream, consider switching to a lightweight, silky moisturizer that absorbs quickly."

Essential Daily Moisturizer 2.5 oz/ 75 mL
Skin Laundry Essential Daily Moisturizer $30

During the winter, Rafaeloff recommends a rich eye cream with a luxurious texture. "During the summer, however, you might be more prone to sweating, and nothing's worse than having irritated eyes from your eye cream moving," she says. Instead, she recommends reaching for an antioxidant-rich eye serum.

iS Clinical C Eye Advance+ $58

Swap Topical Oil-Based Products With Serums

"In the summer, I swap out my topical oil-based products for serums," divulges Shelger. "Serum should be applied under moisturizer for best results. I recommend using one with exfoliating properties to reveal your most dewy fresh face."

Brightening Serum with Glycolic Acid 1 oz/ 30 mL
Skin Laundry Brightening Serum With Glycolic Acid $50

Swap Full-Coverage Makeup With Something Lighter

"Summer heat tends to open our pores more than usual, so wearing makeup can lead to more breakouts," explains Shelger. "Try swapping out heavy pore-clogging makeup with a light coverage product that also has SPF," she advises. "Preventing skin problems is much easier than treating them."

Sweat Cosmetics Mineral Foundation SPF 30 $42

Looking for more summer skincare recommendations? This holy-grail face sunscreen is "light and effective," says a dermatologist.

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