How to Throw the Dreamiest Summer Solstice Party

In case you didn't realize it, the summer solstice is fast approaching—it's this Thursday, June 21—and it not only marks the first official day of summer, but it's also the longest day of the year here in the northern hemisphere. You may be familiar with the fact that some people choose to throw a summer solstice party to celebrate the change in seasons, but first, you need to learn a little bit more about the "why" and "how" before we get into specifics. The word "solstice" originates from two Latin words: "sol", which means "sun" and "sister", translating to "to stand". Basically, this twice-yearly event means it's the time when the sun is standing.

The holiday is celebrated with different traditions all over the world: The British flock to the monument at Stonehenge to watch the sunrise, concertgoers in Iceland celebrate by heading to Reykjavik for a four-day music festival, and the Swedes celebrate midsummer with flower crowns and dancing around a maypole. So when it comes to throwing the best type of summer solstice party, why not incorporate elements of these traditions for a fete that's totally you? Keep reading to see how to be the ultimate summer solstice host.