8 Summer Vacation Ideas for When You Just Want to Escape the Crowds

Need a little inspiration for your travel plans this summer? If you’ve grown tired of visiting the same old spots but want the same relaxation vibes, you might want to consider up-and-coming destinations. Less known than classic popular summer hot spots like the Hamptons or Lisbon, these U.S. and international locales offer the same charm without the crowds.

To find out which destinations beckon this season, we called on travel agents and experts to share their intel. Sure, you might have to consult a map to see where these under-the-radar destinations are, but these experts assure us it's well worth the extra effort. These trendy places are just starting to gain popularity, so you’ll be able to enjoy lower rates and better deals.

This is exactly where you should plan your summer vacation, according to those in the know.

Which destinations are on your radar this summer?