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15 Best Sunburst Mirrors for Your Home

Sunburst mirror

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When it comes to interior design, there are two things that always seem to be true. A mirror will undoubtedly make a room feel larger, and a sunburst mirror can make that same room feel complete with style. For the last few years, sunburst mirrors have become a décor staple—especially above a fireplace. But before you think "been there, done that," consider this: Sunburst mirrors are so versatile that they're a timeless décor staple.

We found 15 options to upgrade your space, from simple to intricate and rattan to metal. Try out this enduring trend in any room of your choice: Either way, it'll make your space feel bigger, brighter, and perfectly accessorized.

Below, read on to find the best sunburst mirrors to add some sunshine to your space.

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Natural Rattan Sun Wall Mirror

Rattan is a major trend, and we're loving how it's cleverly used in this mirror. Woven beams arise from a circle around the mirror itself, while an extra line of braided material adds an extra circle around its center. Style the mirror in a small entryway or use it to add some light to a dark corner.

King Rattan
King Rattan Natural Rattan Sun Wall Mirror $89.00
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Gold Peruvian Starburst Mirrors

Leave it to this set of beautiful mirrors to make a big statement in a living area. The little cluster of vivid starburst shapes will be perfect for the spot on the wall behind the couch or right above a credenza. With its mix-matched design, this collection pairs various shapes with cohesive colors for a dynamic style.

West Elm
West Elm Gold Peruvian Starburst Mirrors $49.00
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Helios Mirror

This distinct sunburst mirror is packed with so many intricate details that it's sure to grab attention (regardless of wherever you decide to place it). Although, we do think it would look particularly eye-catching over a dining room console. Thanks to its shiny golden material, this piece will reflect light around the room from more than just the mirror.

Anthropologie Helios Mirror $1,148.00
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Starburst Round Wall Mirror

More than a mirror, we think this beauty is a piece of art. Add it to an existing gallery wall, or let it grab all the attention by placing it above the bed or an entryway bench. With its detailed, intricate spokes arising from a central circle, various amounts of material at different lengths add a layered effect.

Crate & Barrel
Crate & Barrel Starburst Round Wall Mirror $199.00
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Doheny Black Rattan Mirror

Who says all sunburst mirrors have to be bright? This black woven option from Crate & Barrel puts a moody twist on the trend, and we're here for it. This would look especially good atop dark wallpaper. Around the mirror, rattan beams extend out in various patterns to contrast the wall behind it.

Crate & Barrel
Crate & Barrel Doheny Black Rattan Mirror $199.00
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Surya Wall Decor Wall Mirror in Gold

When a big statement is what you're after, then this golden metal sunburst will make it happen. As long as the details surrounding this piece are kept to a minimum, this mirror will look good anywhere you hang it. Individual beams are shaped in spikes with an eclectic vibe, all coated in the same glossy finish for a cohesive style.

Burke Décor
Burke Décor Surya Wall Decor Wall Mirror in Gold $600.00
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Wall Mirror with Macrame Fringe

This woven sunburst decorative mirror is a macrame lover's dream. Six individual triangles are spaced around the center circle, while fringe edges add a flair of extra character. Pair it with hanging planters, woven chairs, and thick blankets for a boho-Scandinavian vibe.

Mkono Wall Mirror with Macrame Fringe $26.00
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Metal Geometric Sunburst Mirror

Capture a Hollywood Regency aesthetic with this gold mirror, which would be fun to use as the upper part of a vanity. Geometric metal wires are designed in angular shapes to resemble a sunburst, all finished in the same light gold color. This mirror captures both art deco and modern styles, all tied up into a modern finish.

Target Metal Geometric Sunburst Decorative Wall Mirror — Stonebriar Collection $38.00
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Bella Wall Mirror

Sometimes there's nothing wrong with simplicity, and this sunburst mirror embodies everything we love about the look without any embellishments. Since this pick is small—only about 20 inches wide and 20 inches high—it would work best above a small mantel. 

Stratton Home
Stratton Home Bella Wall Mirror $48.00
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Sunburst Metal Wall Mirror

If you love a little drama on your walls, then this mirror is the perfect fit for you. It would work very well in an entryway or above a credenza: And its arrangement of mirrored circles spread across the design add a playful touch that still feels artful.

Willa Arlo Interiors
Willa Arlo Interiors Sunburst Metal Wall Mirror $240.00
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Burst Silver Round Wall Mirror

Hand-pieced beveled glass comprises the stunning intricacy of this mirror, which has all the shine of an Old Hollywood prop. That's why we think it would be best in your bedroom—that's where you should look and feel like a star. Place it above your vanity for a glamorous addition of décor.

Abbyson Empire
Abbyson Empire Burst Silver Round Wall Mirror $364.00
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Gold Leaf Giltwood Sunburst Convex Mirror

The lattice detail and braided trim of this pick have given it enough intrigue to catch our eye, and we envision it over a bar cart in the corner of a dining room. If that's not your style, center it over a desk in an office. This vintage-inspired piece looks like it belongs in an elegant estate, but could add an eclectic touch to any style of home and décor.

1st Dibs
1st Dibs Gold Leaf Giltwood Sunburst Convex Mirror $1,535.00
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Magical Thinking Woven Wall Mirror

There's no need to choose an oversized mirror if you're looking for something more discreet. This 12-inch mirror at Urban Outfitters can bring just enough light to a gallery wall or can add some fun to a small breakfast nook. Style it with boho décor or pair it with modern pieces to add a pop of character.

Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters Magical Thinking Woven Wall Mirror $24.00
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Dia Fiore Sunburst Mirror

Golden metal makes up the sunburst on this stylish mirror, but it isn't entirely like the others. Its individual details and grouped bunches of lines give it some added interest, and we think it would do particularly well on the far end of a skinny hallway.

Dia Fiore
Target Dia Fiore Sunburst Round Decorative Wall Mirror Gold $45.00
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Like a Sun Decorative Mirror

The added exterior lines on this bronze sunburst mirror make it look as though its "rays" are contained, and it's that unexpected finish that makes this pick cool. It would complement a room with its own set of curves—like, say, a living room with archways—but we'd settle for a simple place opposite a square window.

PTM Images
PTM Images Like a Sun Decorative Mirror $119.00