This Is What Successful People Do on Sunday Nights

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You know the drill: It’s the weekend, and you’re living the high life—and suddenly it hits you. It usually creeps up late afternoon on a Sunday… After you’ve brunched your way to a heart attack and frolicked all afternoon in the park. Monday is looming, and it’s approaching way too fast—the #SundayScaries are getting the best of you again.

We’re always trying to improve your day-to-day life here at MyDomaine. And that includes making your Sunday-night schedule as productive as possible, so you can hit the ground running on Monday morning—all the while beating your #SundayScaries. No more weekend anxiety—follow along these tried-and-tested tricks to your best Sunday night yet.

Work It Out
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Schedule in a barre class, a tennis lesson, or a spin session. Not only will it boost your endorphins and help you work off your chicken and waffles, but you'll also sleep better after a healthy sweat session.

Turn Up the Tunes
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Fire up Spotify when you get home to set the tone for the evening—but step away from the Adeles of the world, because now is not the time to start crying over past relationships or texting an old flame. Opt for something cheery and relaxing—a Frank Sinatra album, perhaps.

Get Cooking
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Preparing a few meals for the week ahead ensures that you won't be ordering Seamless mac 'n' cheese for lunch every day. Take the opportunity to check your schedule for the week, and plan around your outings. Large casseroles are great because they are quick to prepare and can simmer on their own. Best of all, you can freeze individual portions, so you'll always have lunches ready.

Treat Yo Self
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Who said cooking needs to be boring? You've set the mood—thank you, Frank—and now you can unwind while chopping carrots. Just remember: One glass a day keeps the doctor away, but three glasses a day and you might need a doctor to pull you out of bed on Monday.

Sit Down for Dinner
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You're an adult, so why would you Netflix and chill on the couch while eating dinner? Set a nice table, light the candles, sit down with your nearest and dearest, and have a real conversation. Sunday suppers are a tradition to cherish, and you'll never have time to think about "the scaries."

Play a Game
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Have fun by playing a quick game of cards or backgammon. Spending quality time with family is what makes Sunday nights something to look forward to. Create those traditions while you're young.

Wind Down
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Take the time to set the mood for a good night's sleep. A relaxing bubble bath is one of the best ways to unwind and go through your beauty routine in preparation for Monday.

Put on a Mask
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While you're at it, treat yourself to a face mask. It can't hurt to replenish your skin after the weekend's bottomless mimosas.

Light It Up
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Instead of turning on the TV, light a candle. The soft light and relaxing scents like lavender and chamomile will help set the mood for shut-eye. Just don't forget to blow it out before drifting off to sleep.

Turn That Page
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Pick up that book on your nightstand you've been meaning to read for weeks. Technology is preventing us from getting quality shut-eye more than we think. Turning pages will make you much sleepier than binging on Game of Thrones.

Jot It Down
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When you're finally ready to fall asleep, take a few minutes to write down any to-do list items that are on your mind. Clearing your head will help you fall asleep, and you'll also wake up with a clear plan of action in the morning.

Nod Off
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While going to bed too early is a culprit of insomnia, getting to bed late isn't helping either. Hit the pillow at a reasonable hour—not 1 a.m. If you've followed the steps above, you'll be ready for a full eight hours of sleep, guaranteed.

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