7 Ideas to Steal From an Eclectic Modern Beach House

Opening August 1 is Sunset magazine's first-ever Los Angeles-area "Idea House," its annual show house, in Manhattan Beach. With interiors by DISC Interiors, an LA design firm whose projects we've featured in the past, the home exemplifies the eclectic, warm, modern aesthetic of SoCal -- a look DISC in particular has perfection with its California-eclectic look.

Since there's a lot of sleek modern architecture in Manhattan Beach, DISC designers David John Dick and Krista Shrock wanted to do something a little different and aimed for a more "warm modern" aesthetic. "We love mixing austere architecture with warm linen and textiles to make a home feel incredibly comfortable," they say. We do, too. Read on below for a few of our favorite "ideas to steal" from the house, and click through the slideshow above for a tour.

  • Corral your pendants. The more the applies to pendants as much as it does to people. Hang a few pendants from the ceiling together to amplify the impact.

  • Mix your metals. Copper is certainly in style now, but who knows for how long? Use trendy metals in things like bar stools and light fixtures that are easier to replace, and stick with more timeless finishes like stainless steel or chrome.

  • Go concrete. Why be so precious with Carrera marble countertops when the kitchen is the workhorse of the home? We love the polished concrete countertops DISC introduced -- they're casual yet sleek.

  • Get low. We love a low sofa and think there should be more of them in the world! Unscrew those chair legs, look up at the window, and enjoy the view.

  • Go pattern happy. If you narrow your palette down to neutral colors, you can feel free to go wild mixing patterns, and introduce new printed pillows in, say charcoal and white, whenever you stumble across them.

  • From the windows to the wall. Bring a beloved landscape indoors by turning a favorite photograph into a mural. Photographer Laure Joliet took a photograph of the California coastline with a high format- camera and wallpapered all four walls in black and white in the house's office.

  • Do a split. Can decide whether to go for open or closed shelving in the kitchen? Do both. That way you can show of your favorite dishware and vessels and hide the ugly packaged stuff.

The Sunset 2014 LA Idea House is open for six consecutive weekends, beginning August 1. Get tickets here.