3 Delicious Cocktails to Serve at Your Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here, and if you're playing hostess, you likely have a lot on your plate (both figuratively and literally) when it comes to entertaining your guests. While beer is an easy choice to wash down snacks and keep friends satiated throughout the game, having a couple cocktail options in your arsenal will instantly upgrade your game-day gathering.

Cocktails don't have to be complicated to keep the party going in between touchdowns. We've rounded up three straightforward drink recipes that cater to every kind of cocktail craving. From margaritas with an extra-spicy kick to minty refreshments that are sure to please to a delicious mocktail option for non-drinkers, these cocktails promise to quench guests' thirst from kickoff to the final 10 seconds on the clock.

Keep scrolling to study up on these easy-to-make cocktails that are guaranteed to be winners on Super Bowl Sunday.