Why You Can’t Miss Tonight’s Supermoon

Today, August 29th, is not only Michael Jackson’s birthday (if he was still alive, he would be turning 57), but it’s also a special lunar occurrence known as a supermoon. Although the term dates back 30 years—it was first coined by astrologer Richard Nolle—the concept of a supermoon is a relatively recent phenomenal that was first documented by media in 2011. A supermoon is a new or full moon that is the closet it can possibly be to Earth.

Here’s why you shouldn’t miss tonight’s stunning supermoon. It’s absolutely beautiful. There’s nothing quite like seeing a gigantic white moon in the night sky. Even when you try to document it with an iPhone, it’s not the same as witnessing it in person. The supermoon only happens a couple of times per year, and this is the first in a series of extra-large supermoons. If you live near the ocean, be sure to check out the supermoon and the super high tides it’s causing. Did you miss it? Note that the next supermoon takes place September 28th. This supermoon will stage a total lunar eclipse and will be the closest of all the year’s supermoons. Cool, right? 

Get an up close and personal view of the moon with this telescope.

Were you able to see the supermoon in all its glory?