Girls' Weekend? Apparently, There's a Women-Only Island Off the Coast of Finland

Updated 03/01/18
Product Disclosure

If you're in desperate need of a girls' weekend, a small island off the coast of Finland could be your ideal respite. As Lonely Planet reports, the island is currently being transformed into an all-female wellness retreat thanks to Kristina Roth, entrepreneur and founder of the lifestyle blog SuperShe.

Appropriately dubbed SuperShe Island, the wooded enclave is roughly 90 minutes away from Helsinki and available to women for days or weeks at a time. Roth was reportedly inspired by her own restorative wellness vacations but noticed that "some female participants would change their behavior when men were around and couldn't relax," so she sought to create a space where women could truly focus on themselves.

Of course, hopefuls must first apply for an exclusive membership, which entails filling out a form, interviewing with Roth over Skype, and securing a reference from an existing member (similar to Soho House). Accepted members will also have to front a cool $3500 for a weeklong escape. The island will be open to the (very exclusive) public come June 2018.

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