Doctors Had to Choose One Supplement for Brain Health—This Was the Winner

Updated 03/23/17
Brooke Testoni

Despite the term "brain fog" lacking the urgency often embedded in most other medical terms, we've established that it's a serious condition nonetheless. Functional medical expert William Cole, DC, regards it as one of the most "dramatically overlooked" conditions and describes it as "living in a haze," as we discussed last week

But aside from a healthy diet and a proper diagnosis, supplements can also come in handy when restoring proper brain function and promoting brain health. First up on four different medical professionals' lists (including Cole) is curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric. 

"A good majority of brain problems can be associated with blood-brain-barrier permeability (also known as leaky brain)," Cole said in Mindbodygreen. "This can stem from inflammation and lead to even further inflammation in the brain because your brain's immune system is working in overdrive. Curcumin can help because it's one of nature's most powerful inflammation takers." 

David Perlmutter, MD; Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD; and Mariza Snyder all selected curcumin or turmeric as well. "Unlike many supplements that require prolonged use to see results (if any), curcumin has found success in boosting memory and retention in Alzheimer’s patients in as little as an hour’s time, in addition to improving their mood and stress levels," points out Synder. "It is also particularly anti-inflammatory, allowing the blood to flow more freely in the brain and has a positive effect on the brain stem cells."

For more, read up on the three lifestyle choices that keep your brain young, and share your take on turmeric below! 

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