"Be Each Other's Champions in the Workplace": 9 Women on Supporting One Another

Celebrating women who are cultivating their dream careers, finding strength in community, and making it their business to empower and support fellow women is not a passing theme here at MyDomaine, but one of our missions. So many of our stories showcase incredible individuals from various industries and walks of life, sharing their messages of strength and solidarity. As our editorial director, Sacha Strebe, explains, this month, we're talking about the power of community and why it's time we ditch judgment and shame once and for all. Create & Cultivate—a movement sparking a 365-day conversation around being a modern woman in the working world—is one of the forerunners strengthening the community of women and sharing inspiring voices, most recently with Create & Cultivate Los Angeles. We asked nine successful women in different industries from the conference to share their own words on how they're supporting other women and what we can do as a community to end judgment and create revolutionary change.