The Surprising Role Where There's No Gender Pay Gap

After long days spent sitting at an office desk and staring at computer screens, the freelance life can seem very tempting. It must be nice to make your own hours, set your personal agenda, and work with clients that you personally choose. Leaving the security of a full-time job—and a regular paycheck—takes courage, but it seems millions of Americans, especially women, are taking the plunge. Why? Because female freelancers earn nearly as much as men do. Women working in regular full-time roles statistically earn 78% of what men do, while freelance women earn 97%. According to statistics published in Money, 2.9 million freelancers earned $100,000 in 2015, an increase of 45% since 2011. If you want to make the leap, the best cities for freelancers are Scottsdale, Los Angeles, Portland, Austin, Boise, Nashville, and Greensboro.

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