LA's Earthquake Gives Us a Rare Glimpse Into Susan Sarandon's Home

1801126_295342230620664_1571828995_o Following the 4.4-magnitude earthquake that struck Los Angeles today, actress Susan Sarandon took to Facebook to share a rare glimpse of her LA home. Sarandon shared an image of her gallery wall featuring black and white photography, a ship silhouette, an owl print, and a landscape painting, which had been misaligned by the tremor, saying, "An earthquake woke me up this morning and I loved it. Now, just have to straighten these pictures." We wish it didn't have to take "the Shamrock Shake," as its been dubbed this St. Patrick's Day, to give us a peek at her clearly stylish digs, but we'll take what we can get. Do you have a gallery wall in your home? Tweet us a photo of yours @DomaineHome.