Your Home Will Be So Much More Sustainable With These 4 Furniture Brands

Updated 06/05/18
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Sustainability has had a big year, and rightly so. While it's been making significant waves in the fashion industry with many brands starting to employ more ethical manufacturing practices, it's a change that's also happening in the furniture industry. It can be hard enough to pick the right furniture for your home—particularly items that you won't get over next season—but there's something so satisfying in knowing that not only does your latest investment look good, but it is also ethical. Our bet is that this shift towards conscious spending is just the beginning of how we as consumers start to think about products.

Below are just a few of our favourite, sustainable Australian furniture brands that are not only creating beautiful pieces, but also incorporating sustainable practices into their businesses. 


Long-standing furniture makers, Jardan has been making furniture in Melbourne since 1987. Since starting, the brand has focused on working with local materials and suppliers, and in 2005 the company made it its mission to reduce its environmental footprint. Not to mention, in 2014 it was certified by The National Carbon Offset Standard as a carbon-neutral company. Specialising in timeless designs that have a modern point of difference, Jardan is the perfect fit for any home.

Jardan Pom Pom Rug $12900

JD.Lee Furniture

Sustainable design and manufacturing are at the forefront of JD.Lee Furniture’s ethos. The brand was born from founder Jeremy's desire to create furniture for his family home that was sustainable and supported the environment. It's laid-back, bohemian design fits perfectly with this season's trending interior items. Each item on the site clearly describes what the furniture piece is made of, and where each element originated from, making shopping really transparent for customers. 

JD.Lee Furniture Finley 1-Seater Sofa $2880

Totem Road

Using “responsibly sourced materials” Totem Road also has a transparent chain of custody, connecting each item back to its natural origin, so you can see where your piece started. Combining mid-century modern and Scandinavian design, the minimal, solid-oak pieces will stand the test of time and ooze with a coastal aesthetic.

Totem Road Kara Round Marble Side Table $550


Founded in 2000, Koskela was started as a design hub that had a strong conscious back bone. Just last year, Koskela became a Certified B Corporation which means that it has undertaken rigorous testing and come out as a sustainable business, determined to use business as a force for good. Taking a modern approach to classic furniture, Koskela is bringing Scandinavian design and adding an Australian element to each piece. 

Koskela Single Quandrant Soft Sofa $1650

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