The Eco-Friendly Hacks for People Who Don't Want to Give Up Everything


Courtesy of The Design High

Who wouldn't want to live a more sustainable lifestyle in 2017? While minimalism and decluttering are on the rise, and overly ostentatious displays of wealth have become somewhat laughable, striving to be more eco-friendly seems like a no-brainer. Yet, we still worry that green living involves a complete lifestyle overhaul that involves a lot of thrift shopping, eliminating trash entirely, and foraging for food. We promise that it doesn't have to feel this extreme. In fact, sustainable design is much more achievable and chicer than one would think.

To gain some insight on sustainable living à la MyDomaine, we tapped two experts on eco-friendly design: Graham Hill, CEO of LifeEdited, who made waves on the design scene for his ultra-sustainable 420-square-feet apartment, and Highlyann Krasnow, an interior designer and founder of The Design High—a NYC-based firm that specializes in eco-friendly residential design. When it comes to an elegant approach to sustainable living, these two experts have all the answers—here are their best tips for a more eco-friendly life.