A New Study Suggests Swaddling Your Baby Isn't Always Safe

As if there wasn't enough controversy swirling around in the parenting world (vaccinations and breast-feeding, just to name a few), at the moment, new research reported by USA Today adds another topic of contention into the mix. The study published by the journal Pediatrics raises questions about the risks surrounding the the long-trusted technique of swaddling. According to the research, babies who were swaddled were twice as likely to die from SIDS if they were laid on their stomachs or sides (the risk was low for infants sleeping on their backs).

While these findings may be troubling for parents who are fond of the sleep-inducing technique, the study goes on to specify that swaddling need not be banished altogether, but that extra caution should be taken when babies are able to move from their backs to a dangerous sleeping position (e.g., on their sides or stomachs). In conclusion, the research suggests that it may be safest to place a swaddled baby on their back. 

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