This Is How a Swede Designs a Tiny Brooklyn Apartment


Courtesy of Tictail

Whether it's a cozy home you crave, a minimalistic one, or a bohemian-style abode, the Scandinavians have nailed every one of them—who doesn't want to style their space like a Swede? To find out how, we went straight to the source. Introducing Livia Moore, Tictail's community manager and a Swedish expat, who kindly let us into her charismatic Brownstone in the coolest borough of Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn, New York.

Built in 1890, the apartment is brimming with unique architectural moldings and historic detailing characteristic to the hip Brooklyn location. "It has so much character," she told MyDomaine. "The entire building feels lived in, with memories and decades of family history." Moore feels right at home here after moving from Stockholm two years ago. "I love coming home to this apartment, as it is such a huge contrast to the style of apartments in Sweden," she said. "I love the history, the charm, and the grit of this building. To me, it really feels like I'm living in New York City." Ahead, Moore shares her style notes for each room, along with her top tips for brightening a small space.