These Are the Coolest Swedish Home Tours We've Ever Seen

If you love being insanely organized like we do, the Swedish interior aesthetic is right up your alley. The chic, pared-back aesthetic really appeals to our inner minimalist, and despite its bare aesthetic, this decorating style somehow manages to feel warm, cozy, and vibrant, making us all want to style our boudoirs like them, too. When you delve beneath its simple exterior, you'll find the much-mimicked style is more complicated than it seems, thanks to seamless layering, careful editing, and thoughtful planning. While there aren't many maximalist rooms we don't like, we certainly tend to err on the side of Scandinavian design, and from the stats, we know you agree. After all, the simple things in life are often the best. So in honor of the low-fuss look, we're helping you re-create every room in the house, using our favorite Swedish home tours as inspiration. Go on, make us proud (or stolt, as they say in Sweden).

Sofi Sykfont for My Home , design by Pella Hedeby

While we've become accustomed to the monochromatic tendencies of a Swedish interior, it doesn't mean color is out of the question. Case in point? This minimalistic dining room that breaks up the monotony of neutral hues with a punchy neon orange. The secret to success is keeping the pieces simple and streamlined. The clean lines of these designer chairs allow the color to shine without taking over the room. Homeowner Sara Gerum worked with famed interior stylist Pella Hedeby to create this classic yet highly personal design that compliments the home's 19th-century architecture.

Andrea Papini for Elle Decoration Sweden

If there's one design aspect every Swedish interior does well, it's layering. The stripped-back appeal can fall into toneless territory, but with a little structure and careful staggering of each piece, the end result is thoughtful and harmonious. This hip, eclectic pad belongs to Swedish snappers Kalle Gustafsson and Sara Bille, who transformed their century-old building into a cool, contemporary space, thanks to a clever high/low mix and compelling use of scale.

Sara Svenningrud for KK Living

When it comes to lighting a Swedish room, the more natural, the better. Sun-soaked spaces are the norm, with open windows filtering Mother Nature's best into every crevice. While candles are their first choice, soft focus options such as desk lamps and pendant lights are preferred. Be on the lookout for unique designer finds or vintage and antique lights that illuminate but never dominate. Look to the eclectic home of Swedish stylist Marie Olsson Nylander for some serious inspiration, and to see how it's done.

Alen Cordic for Emma Hos

With the fast pace of our modern lives, we're all a little addicted to being busy, but for those limited hours of the day when we're not hustling, we need a sanctuary to come home to. That explains the recent rise in popularity for the fuss-free Swedish vibe. This moody home is packed with personality, with all the creature comforts you crave. Cozy yet chic—now that's a winning combination.

Hannah Lemholt for Residence

While all-white isn't your typical hue of choice for a family-friendly home, this Swedish Instagram star proved us all wrong with this super-stylish playroom. You can simply bleach out any stains on the slipcovered sofa and keep a pot of white paint handy to cover over any major wall and floor markings. In fact, now we think of it, neutral tones are the only way to go (although we're not sure the lack of color will be kid-approved).


While all-white typically rules the minimalist's aesthetic, the Swedes have a habit of breaking regulation. When they do steer away from the much-loved bleached-out formula, they head into darker, moodier domains, and it's pure sophistication. This cozy boudoir is anything but melancholy. We want to wake up wrapped in these gorgeous gray hues and luxe linen bedding, too. Enter the Sandman.

Anders Bergstedt for Entrance , styling by Östlingh & Schedin

If you believe first impressions count, then your entryway should speak volumes about your style aesthetic and personality. Presenting a fashionable foyer is the first crucial step toward making that initial meeting memorable. It doesn't have to be fancy or cost the earth. This simple Swedish entryway proves that a little goes a long way. The key to this no-fuss approach? Being fussy with the pieces you choose. Abide by the "less is more" approach, but make sure your attention-to-detail radar is on lock.

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