This Is How a Stylist Decorates at Home

It seems every home the Swedes touch turns to Instagram gold, and this abode is no exception. With a honed eye, stylist Josephine Ekström applied her day job to her own interior, carefully layering and mixing different patterns, unique finds, sentimental treasures, and iconic designer pieces. It's hard to believe looking at this insanely chic space that it's also family friendly, but Ekström shares this bright and airy house with her husband Rikard and their three children. The classic fusion of old with new looks fresh and desirable here. It isn't always so easy to execute, but Ekström makes it seem effortless. "I like to mix new and modern things with antique, because the mix of styles and materials gives weight and an interesting, thought-provoking style," she told Bo Bedre. We agree.