This Pretty-in-Pink Cake Shop Is Sweet Enough to Eat—Step Inside

From the beginning, Claire Thomas, founder of Kitchy Kitchen, and Laurel Gallucci knew their first store needed to be a "jewel box." The co-founders of Sweet Laurel went from creating a best-selling cookbook to opening their first boutique cake shop in L.A., and it's a beautiful, saccharine space we would live in if we could. "Sweet Laurel has always had this secret garden quality," says Thomas, Sweet Laurel's creative director. "Our only form of marketing was through word of mouth, and we wanted the space to reflect that: like stumbling into an English tea room in the middle of L.A. It feels like you're in on a wonderful secret."

Thankfully, they didn't keep the secret to themselves. We're absolutely smitten by the blush tones and baby-pink hues with the custom-made floral wallpaper that evokes a whimsical fairy-tale feeling. "Pink is our color, and we, mothers to sons, joke that the store is our daughter," says Thomas. "It's hyper-femme but still modern. The phrase 'Mayfair meets Malibu' kept bouncing in my head. We love garden roses, and the storefronts in Mayfair in the springtime were a huge inspiration."

Read on to take the tour, learn about how they styled the store themselves (no interior decorators here), and then make two of their exclusive recipes from the book.