Kick-Start Your Post-Holiday Diet Plan With This Surprising Weight-Loss Tip

With the holidays winding down, it's becoming time to think about getting back on track to better ourselves. If the bountiful buffets and excess eating brought about by the holidays have left you feeling bloated, kick-start your post-holiday diet plan with this surprising weight-loss tip.

We're used to coming across unusual weight-loss strategies, but this method might be the most bizarre one we've seen yet. According to Body and Soul, boiling sweet potatoes and drinking the leftover water might be the easiest trick to shedding excess pounds. Researchers in Japan discovered that the proteins found in these starchy remnants have the power to suppress appetites in mice.

In the study from the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, researchers fed two groups of mice high-fat diets while adding a sweet potato peptide to one of the group's diets. After 28 days, the group fed the sweet potato peptide had a significantly lower body weight, cholesterol, fat cells, and leptin levels (the last controlling hunger).

So before you pour out the leftover water from the sweet potatoes you're serving up for dinner, consider giving this surprising strategy a try.

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