This $25 Red Wine Is "Fizzy, Fresh, and Amazing With Pizza," Says a Sommelier

Although we're currently in the throes of rosé season, we can't help it. We find ourselves craving sweeter, fuller-bodied wines even on the balmiest of summer nights. In search of wine recommendations to expand our palettes beyond the unofficial pink wine of the season, we turned to sommelier Joey Letchinger and advanced sommelier Chase Sinzer (aka the duo behind the cool NYC-based wine concierge service Wine Larder).

"There are many dry red wines that showcase classic, sweet fruit characteristics that are worth exploring, especially for the summer," the sommeliers reassure us. In fact, they say, "Grapes that are grown in warmer climates typically taste 'riper' than grapes that are grown in cooler climates, which affect our perception of how fruity and sweet a wine tastes. So it almost brings it full circle to enjoy sweeter red wines in warmer temperatures, mirroring the grapes that go into the wines."

Keep scrolling to shop the sommeliers' picks for sweeter red wines that are perfect for sipping on all summer long.