How to Re-Create Your Favorite Sweetgreen Salads at Home

Save your cash money.

Sweetgreen salads
Because I'm Addicted

Sweetgreen is almost as delicious as it is convenient. So much so, that we spend a little too much of our cashew money, as Sweetgreen calls it, on their salads (turns out the brand is also quite punny). So in an effort to get our fix of filling yet healthy salads while also saving some money, we decided to scour the internet for some Sweetgreen-inspired recipes.

If you've never actually tried this restaurant yourself, then the satisfying salad recipes we found may hold you over in the meantime, and if you're a Sweetgreen regular, then you're in for a treat. Whether your go-to order is the kale caesar or you fancy yourself more of a harvest bowl person, the 10 salad recipes below will have you channeling Sweetgreen at home in no time. 

The Spicy Thai Salad

Easy Salad Recipes
Hello Glow

When You Want the Spicy Thai Salad, Make This: Kelp salad from Hello Glow.

Packed with ingredients like shredded carrots, cabbage, scallions, and kelp noodles, it's rich with fiber and antioxidants. Then toss in the ginger-lime dressing for extra yum. 

The Kale Caesar

Easy Dinner Recipes
Minimalist Baker

When You Want the Kale Caesar, Make This: Kale salad with creamy, garlicky dressing from the Minimalist Baker.

Though nothing can compete with those parmesan crisps from Sweetgreen, this delicious, vegan-friendly recipe is a mouthwatering alternative. 

The Guacamole Greens

Salad Recipes With Chicken
Half Baked Harvest

When You Want the Guacamole Greens, Make This: Mexican grilled chicken cobb from Half Baked Harvest.

Loaded with nutrient-rich and flavorful ingredients like avocado, chicken, tomatoes, and tostada crisps, this salad will keep you satisfied. 

The Hummus Tahina

Sweetgreen Copycat Recipes
Food Faith Fitness

When You Want the Hummus Tahina, Make This: Mediterranean power salad from Food Faith Fitness.

Though it's super easy to whip up with only a few ingredients, each bite is packed with deliciousness. A little chicken, cucumber, tomato, onion, and hummus—what else could we ask for? 

The Lentil + Avocado

Salad Recipes With Pictures
Salt and Wind

When You Want the Lentil + Avocado, Make This: Chopped salad from Salt and Wind.

It has that same creamy finish with an earthy base that makes the Avocado + Lentil so well-balanced and delicious. And the peppercorn buttermilk dressing adds a nice finishing touch. 

The Shroomami

Salad Bowl Recipes
Gimme Some Oven

When You Want the Shroomami, Make This: Roasted mushroom and cauliflower bowl from Gimme Some Oven.

Super comforting without being overwhelmingly rich and creamy, this warm grain bowl with earthy veggies is going to become a weeknight staple. 

The Curry Chickpea Bowl

Protein Bowl Recipes
Minimalist Baker

When You Want the Curry Chickpea Bowl, Make This: Curried lentil bowl from Minimalist Baker.

The warm, spiced lentils, hearty quinoa, sweet potatoes, and aromatic herbs will hit the spot while also delivering a ton of protein and fiber. 

The Chicken Pesto Parm

Best Salad Recipes
Stuck in the Kitchen

When You Want the Chicken Parm Pesto, Make This: Make this pesto salad from Stuck in the Kitchen

It takes a lighter, more summer-friendly approach to the pesto genre, so if you're looking for more comfort, just add in a scoop of warm quinoa and diced chicken breast. 

The Harvest Bowl

Best Salad Recipes
Salt and Wind

When You Want the Harvest Bowl, Make This: Sweet potato and feta bowl from Salt and Wind.

We crave this kind of thing all year long, even if it does conjure up images of cozy autumn evenings. The subtle sweetness of the sweet potatoes and saltiness of feta cheese plus the comfort of the quinoa make this an instant favorite. 

The Fish Taco

Rice Bowl Recipes
Food Faith Fitness

When You Want the Fish Taco, Make This: Caribbean baked salmon bowl from Food Faith Fitness.

The crispy plantain chips add a nice crunch while the avocado delivers a rich and creamy taste. Just like the fish taco salad, it's a party in your mouth. 

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