How to Re-Create Your Favorite Sweetgreen Salads at Home (and Save Money)

Sweetgreen is almost as delicious as it is convenient. So much so, that we spend a little too much of our cashew money, as Sweetgreen calls it, on their salads (turns out the brand is also quite punny). So in an effort to get our fix of filling yet healthy salads while also saving some money, we decided to scour the internet for some Sweetgreen-inspired recipes.

If you've never actually tried this restaurant yourself, then the satisfying salad recipes we found may hold you over in the meantime, and if you're a Sweetgreen regular, then you're in for a treat. Whether your go-to order is the Kale Caesar or you fancy yourself more of a Harvest Bowl person, the 10 salad recipes below will have you channeling Sweetgreen at home in no time.