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Move Over, Duvets—Here's Why I Prefer Using a Comforter

Blue velvet comforter on bed.

Desiree Burns Interiors

While scrolling through Instagram, it may seem like every designer’s bedroom features a white duvet—or at least, that’s the case on my feed. But as much as I appreciate this look, I truly consider myself more of a comforter person when it comes down to functionality. Comforters don’t get quite as much social media love, but they definitely have their merits.

There’s just something about comforters that feels extra cozy. Maybe it’s because I always grew up using quilts and comforters, so they evoke some nostalgia, or perhaps it’s that duvet covers can be somewhat thin and not quite as snuggly. As someone who likes to pile on the blankets while I sleep, I’ll always appreciate a comforter’s added weight and thickness.

A quilt looks beautiful on top of the bed alone or used as a layering piece that adds texture and visual interest.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m not a huge fan of the rumpled bedsheets look that is oh-so-common on my Instagram feed. I prefer a crisply-made bed sans wrinkles, yet whenever I’ve tried using a duvet, it’s always been more difficult to fully smooth out the material. Because comforters naturally have a bit of texture, their natural patterns can help camouflage any unevenness. 

But the most important differentiator between comforters and duvets is the ease of washing. I was first introduced to the duvet cover when studying abroad in the United Kingdom, and I dreaded the days when I would wash it and then spend so much time wiggling it back on over the insert.

Neutral bed with white comforter.

Burchard Design Co.

Because my bed at that time was just twin-sized, the process was a bit easier, but every time I tried replacing a duvet cover for my now queen-sized bed, it was pretty brutal. With a quilt or comforter, you can simply strip it off the bed and toss it into the washing machine without much fuss. And putting it back on your bed is a total breeze.

Ariel Kaye, the founder and CEO of Parachute Home, appreciates the versatility of quilts and comforters as well. “I'm a total quilt person,” she says. “A quilt looks beautiful on top of the bed alone or used as a layering piece that adds texture and visual interest. I like to use my quilt as my only layer during the warm summer months and drape it over the foot of my bed during the winter if I get chilly at night. I find our quilts to be simple and timeless—a look that will always be one of my favorites.”