5 Chic, Easy Ways to Style an Instagram-Worthy Tabletop

Ever walked into a friend's place for the first time and felt like you were standing in a carefully curated art gallery rather than a space someone actually lives in? Every object had a place, books were arranged by color, and every room had something unique to offer. But before you assume the pristine design is the work of a top-dollar professional, consider that your friend may know a little secret that you don't: Decorating is all in the details. Yes, a fancy new coffee table is always a welcome upgrade, but it's how you style said coffee table that really makes a room come alive. Think small accents like trays, vases, and candles.

Achieving this look in your own home is easier than you may think. Start by removing the clutter that covers your surfaces, from your desk to your bedside table. Once the surfaces are clear and free of debris, style them with pieces that are both beautiful and functional for each particular space. To help guide you in the right direction, we're showing you simple but creative ways to decorate five different tabletops throughout your home. Whether you live in a coastal bungalow or a midcentury-modern loft, we'll show you what to put where for a functional and truly Instagram-worthy space with some help from Kendra Scott.

For Your Entryway Console: Try Contemporary

entryway console styling

The foyer is the first room visitors will see when they walk into your home, so you'll want the items on your entryway console to feel inviting. Fresh flowers and family photos in stylish frames feel welcoming and personalized. A pretty catchall box is also useful on this tabletop to store anything you'll need as you run out the door, from your keys to spare hair ties.


For Your Bedroom Nightstand: Try Scandinavian


Since your nightstand tends to offer only a small surface to rest things on, you'll want to keep the accessories minimal. A tiny dish for your rings, a lamp, and a few small decorative objects will do the trick. Use the drawer on your side table to hide the items you want close by but don't necessarily need on display, like magazines, reading glasses, or candy (hey, we don't judge).


For Your Family Room Coffee Table: Try Coastal Chic


Let's face it: Between Netflix binges and nights when you'd just rather eat dinner on the couch, your family room gets a lot of use. And at the center of the space, your coffee table provides a great opportunity to display your favorite décor. Use a chic tray to house all of your pretty coasters, a diffuser, and any other decorative objects you love, along with your remote control (for the aforementioned TV and movie binges, of course).


For Your Office Desk: Try Moroccan

moroccan style office

Whether you officially work from home or you think of your office as more of an online shopping hub (we can relate), it's important to keep your desk neat. To that end, style this surface with chic organizational accessories like paper and pencil holders. The rest of the space should remain fairly sparse so you have room to do actual work.


For Your Bedroom Dresser: Try Midcentury Modern


Since dressers tend to get a lot of use, they're a great place for housing your favorite everyday jewelry. Instead of laying it all out and creating a tangled mess, organize your go-to baubles inside of a chic jewelry box that doubles as an interesting centerpiece. Finish things off with a few small plants to breathe a little extra life and color into your bedroom.

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See the rest of Kendra Scott's home décor offerings for even more tabletop styling inspiration.

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