5 Styling Commandments a Celebrity Wedding Planner Lives By

When it comes to planning an unforgettable event, it's all about the details. This is particularly true for weddings, where so much time is spent around the table. Once you've picked out the gown of your dreams and booked the venue that'll set the scene for the "I dos" and bouquet toss, it's time to think about place settings and centerpieces. Since it takes a certain eye to know what works and what doesn't when it comes to the detail-oriented nature of tablescapes, we decided to turn to a wedding industry insider known for producing refined, unique nuptials and other non-wedding-related events.

Based in Los Angeles, with over 15 years of experience planning weddings for Hollywood royalty like Gwenyth Paltrow and Molly Sims, Stefanie Cove of Stefanie Cove and Co. was an obvious choice. Each styling tip she shares with MyDomaine is not only a gorgeous idea for a wedding reception but also pretty much any event you're hosting. Read through her top five tablescape trend predictions for 2017 below.

Choose Décor Around Your Menu


Whatever type of cuisine you're featuring on the menu should be highlighted in your tabletop décor. For example, if you're serving food from a Chinese culinary tradition, Cove tells MyDomaine to incorporate things like petite soy sauce vessels and even dumpling spoons that are both functional and stylish. Or if you want to establish a casual, comfortable vibe with family-oriented dishes, putting large, shared plates around the table will do the trick.

Pay Attention to Glassware


"I foresee a 2017 trend to be getting creative with copper tumblers or even pewter to bring in a new texture," predicts Cove. Paired with natural wood surfaces, blush-tone napkins, and pretty string lights, the bronze tumblers and other décor accents create a unique but timeless tablescape.

Brighten and Loosen Up Your Florals


While Cove tells us to expect "a good amount of neutrals and blush this year," brighter color palettes are also on the rise. The best way to bring in vibrant hues is with your flower arrangements, which Cove thinks also should be loosely scattered rather than looking tight and organized. If you're going for neutrals or all-white, make sure to incorporate plenty of greenery for a romantic feel.

Bring On the Coziness


When creating a tablescape, Cove's number one priority is rooted in making "your guests feel comfortable and at ease." Think casual materials like rustic wood; natural, improvised florals; and welcoming, small spaces. If you're planning a winter wedding, for example, bring in some cashmere blankets to dress up the casual textures and create a romantic, comforting atmosphere. If you're not sure how to strike that balance between elevated and intimate, Cove says to "use details with a soul, rather than purely for the right shot." The right shot will follow.

Think About Scale


Aside from being the perfect backdrop for thoughtful décor details, tables at a wedding reception are also meant for, of course, eating at. "My biggest gripe with this is when the platters are forgotten when designing the tablescapes," she tells us. To make sure the table doesn't get overcrowded, make "the centerpieces a reasonable size and spread out so the platters can be placed for the guests to easily access down the tables," suggests Cove. This will ensure optimal comfort and design.

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