You Can Now Use a Selfie as Your Passport Photo

If you're like us, it's embarrassing enough to reveal your passport photo to the immigration officer you'll never see again, let alone your love interest during a romantic getaway. The unflatteringly bright lights and forced half-smile aren't doing anyone any favors. 

Lucky for all of us, The Huffington Post recently revealed that thanks to the passport renewal and photo app ItsEasy, you won't have to keep this important document hidden for the wrong reason—though we advise you still keep it in a safe place. The photo portion of the app allows you to take as many pictures as you'd like until you find the one that meets your approval, plus you can snap the perfect shot in the privacy of your own home. Now that we're almost all selfie experts, this should be an easy task. Skip the line (and awkwardness of posing in front of other shoppers) at your local drugstore, and download the app instead. Grab your selfie stick, and consider it done. At last a passport photo you can be proud of.

For more information about the app head over to, and be extra cautious when snapping your passport shot—selfies can be dangerous.

Will you use this app for your next passport photo? Tell us in the comments below.