Talking Shop: Tori Spelling

THE DOSSIER: NAME: Tori Spelling. TRADE: Actress and shop owner. VIBE: French flea market meets Palm Springs estate sale. WHEREABOUTS: Sherman Oaks, CA.

When we visit Tori Spelling's antiques emporium, our first thought is: we're in Donna Martin's store. "I always think about that!" she tells us when we 'fess up. "Like, is it art imitating life, or life imitating art?" Of course, on the '90s prime-time soap Beverly Hills 90210, Spelling's character's clothing boutique was the epitome of spaghetti-strap-chic, whereas the actress' well-edited home shop Inventori is a mash-up of English Country-feeling heirlooms and midcentury pieces that Spelling characterizes as "modage."

MODAGE FOR BEGINNERS "It's a mix of modern and vintage," she explains of the expertly accessorized haunt, which true to Spelling's descriptor, stocks an array of her favorite things: from Parisian drinking glasses to decorative brass bowls to weathered robin's egg blue door panels, handpicked by Spelling for her fantasy farm house.

RETAIL THERAPY It's Spelling's propensity for buy-now-situate-later shopping that prompted her husband Dean McDermott to encourage her to go retail in the first place. "He realized my love for antiquing wasn't going to stop, and that this would be a better outlet than piling it into our house!" she says.

FAMILY HEIRLOOMS The pair modeled the space after their own home, with era-spanning statement pieces. McDermott customized a pharmacist's cabinet with a marble top to serve as the front desk, while the ornate French mirror and distressed leather couch come from Spelling's first apartment. "I moved out when I was 19," she says. "The first thing I did was go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market and start my collection."

RETURN POLICY Spelling sources new product from estate sales on a constant basis; hobnail glass, malachite, and Tiger's eye are her current weaknesses. But the role of buyer doesn't entirely curb her hoarding instinct. "I'll get to the store with the pieces, and then probably another five-percent goes back home with me," she admits.

We played favorites with Spelling's collection; check out our top finds below, and browse more online at Inventori.



Photographs: Andrew Arthur