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The Traditional Accessory Making Its Way Back Into Everyone’s Homes

Entryway table with neutral decor and black taper candles.

Lemon Leaf Interiors

It’s rare to find a decorative object that transcends design styles and fits just as nicely in a classic, coastal home as it does in a trendy, boho pad. But taper candles, which have been making a major resurgence, one hundred percent fit the bill—and are popping up everywhere.

But why exactly are these candles so on-trend? We spoke with Decorist designers Casey Hardin and Baylee Floyd to get the scoop. 

Candles in general are having a moment these days, according to Hardin. “With people staying home right now, candles are seeing a big resurgence in popularity due to how great they are at enhancing the atmosphere of a room," she says.

A cozy bathtub with lit tapered candles.
Home and Spirit

As much as we love a jar candle with a refreshing scent, taper candles offer a bit more style. “Candlesticks are becoming more and more popular because of their simplistic yet stately design," Floyd notes. "We all crave ambiance and light, but in different ways other than traditional candles and table lamps, and candlesticks really add a cozy feel to the home that is so necessary at this point in life.” 

Just because taper candles generally are fragrance-free doesn’t mean that you can’t think outside the box a bit when incorporating them into your space. “I love using unexpected colors, such as hot pink or chartreuse, to take an otherwise traditional decorative item and give it an eclectic twist,” Hardin notes.

Dining table with tapered candles.
Rebecca Rollins

Love going all out in decorating for the holidays? You can use taper candles to do that, too, Floyd explains. “Taper candles are so fun to switch out. Use red ones for Christmas, black or orange for Halloween, or pink for birthdays.”

And when it comes to styling, the designers shared a few tips to keep in mind. “It's important to have candlestick holders at varying heights to add visual interest,” Hardin says.

Floyd adds, “I love to layer multiple candlesticks, but always in groups of either three or five. Varying them in height is a must as well. A trio of three on the coffee table or five spread across the dining table would look great.”