Round of Applause Please—Target Launches New Sustainable Cleaning Products

Target Everspring cleaning products


It's Earth Day today. The one day of the year we celebrate Mother Nature and commit to taking care of her. But we all know that one day is certainly not enough. Because, realistically, every day should be Earth Day. The world is getting warmer (the evidence is overwhelmingly pointing the finger at us) and despite the impulse to give up because the task is too big or too expensive, we have a responsibility to our future generations to start making a difference now. One of the most powerful ways we can make a change now is to vote with our wallets and buy products from brands and companies that are investing in sustainable solutions.

Target Everspring sustainable cleaning products

There are so many companies making the earth a priority now from their business plans to their product development and today Target announced their first-ever environmentally-friendly cleaning products line, Everspring. The 70+ line—including laundry detergent, dish soap, paper towels, essential oils, candles, and hand soap—is made from USDA certified biobased or recycled materials or natural fibers that are non-toxic to humans with no added dyes or fragrances (any scents they use are from essential oils). They use 100% recyclable bottles and sprayers (the packaging is also made with 25% post-consumer recycled plastic), compostable multi-surface wipes, and 100% recycled paper products. Now that is something we can all smile about. The line launches today with more products rolling out soon.

Shop some of our favorites from the line below:

Target Everspring—Fragrance Free Flushable Toilet Wipes
Everspring Fragrance Free Flushable Toilet Wipes $5

These flushable wipes are 100% plant-based and are free of added dyes, fragrances or parabens.

Target Everspring Geranium & Herbs Liquid Dish Soap
Everspring Geranium & Herbs Liquid Dish Soap $3

This dish soap smells like geranium which is the first thing we're excited about but even better than the scent is the fact that it is USDA-certified biobased so it's not harmful to the planet when it goes down the sink. But this natural cleaner is also effective at removing grease and residue. And it's only $3.

Target Everspring Free & Clear Foaming Hand Soap
Everspring Free & Clear Foaming Hand Soap $3

Sometimes you just want a cleaner that does the job without any fragrance. Well, say hello to the free and clear foaming hand soap. It's free of any dyes or fragrances and thanks to its hypoallergenic biodegradable formula made from plant-derived ingredients, it's also completely non-toxic. 

Target Everyspring Citrus & Basil All Purpose Cleaner
Everspring Citrus & Basil All Purpose Cleaner $3

Finally, a non-toxic all-purpose cleaner that you don't have to worry about. This one isn't going to leave harmful chemicals on the places where you eat. It's ammonia free and made of natural fragrance so you won't be breathing in any nasties either. It's biodegradable and never tested on animals.

Target Everspring Lemon & Mint Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes
Everspring Lemon & Mint Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes $3

These wipes are naturally fragranced with plant extracts and essential oils so you won't be stressed if the kids or your pets touch the surfaces you've cleaned down with them. The packaging is also made with 25% post-consumer recycled plastic.

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