Target Is Opening a Bar, and It's Our Drunk-Shopping Dream Come True

As if we didn't already spend enough time there, Target looks to be opening its first in-store bar, a portent of more great things to come, if we're lucky! The in-store bar is rumored to be landing at Chicago's forthcoming TargetExpress, one of the chain's smaller outposts designed for on-the-go shopping. Grab-and-go food items such as ready-made sandwiches and salads will apparently be joined by on-site alcohol. We'll cheers to that!

Though the news hasn't been confirmed by Target HQ, the Chicago location has applied for two liquor licenses—one for packaged spirits, the other for on-site service. Sounds like a pretty good clue, if you ask us. Clothing, home goods, groceries, electronics, and a martini? We're not mad about it… 

Would you be excited to see a bar added to your local Target? Tell us below!