Target Amps Up Commitment to Green Healthy Product Lines

Target already carries Jessica Alba’s nontoxic Honest Company products, and yesterday the chain announced plans to expand its Made to Matter collection. In 2014, Target launched the campaign, which featured a curated selection of 120 wellness products from leading organic, natural, and sustainable brands like Burt’s Bees and Seventh Generation. Now the mega-retailer is taking things one step further by requiring all of the brands to meet one or more of a purpose-driven criteria. To be included in the Made to Matter program, the companies must reduce waste and packaging, have clean label products that are made without additives or harsh chemicals, or have a reduced amount of sugar.

“Guests love the Made to Matter collection because it offers them a way to easily discover new products that are better for them, their families and the world around them,” explains Jeff Jones, Target’s chief marketing officer. “In our third year, we wanted to make an even more meaningful impact, so we moved from curator to catalyst and challenged our partners to innovate with five important criteria in mind. The refined approach ensures that our guests can continue to count on Made to Matter to offer a wide variety of new products that truly make a difference.” Some of the brands that made the cut include Alba’s Honest Company, Tom’s, Nature’s Path, Annie’s, and Meyer’s Clean Day.

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What do you think about Target’s commitment to greener and healthier products?