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This $30 Target Vase Is the Season’s Must-Have Décor Item

Wicker vase from Target on fireplace mantel.

Design: Sarah Lyon; Photo: Allie Provost

Anybody who knows me knows that I have a bit of a thing for wicker. I once ordered a wicker lamp base half the size of my body off of Etsy and have zero regrets. I can’t resist a wicker basket, tray, or lampshade, for that matter, either. 

But, the truth is that wicker pieces can often be pretty expensive. I’ve had semi-good luck going the vintage and secondhand route, but generally, when I’m browsing for wicker home accents, I end up doing a double-take at the price tags. 

That all changed when Target released its latest collaboration with Studio McGee (I swear, every time a new collection is launched, I do a little happy dance). I immediately spotted this $30 wicker vase listed for sale online and knew I had to have it. In fact, I came across the piece while I was in the middle of undertaking a no-spend challenge, so I added it to my cart for pickup at my local store later in the week, once my freeze was over—that’s how badly I wanted it!

Light Woven Vase
Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee Light Woven Vase $30.00

I immediately spotted this $30 wicker vase listed for sale online—and knew I had to have it.

When the time came to grab the vase, I was thrilled to see that the quality was just as fantastic in person as it appeared online. I find that photos of home accents—not just from big box stores, but from boutiques, too—can be a bit misleading, so I considered this to be a huge win. 

I’ve already set the vase up on my faux fireplace mantel and filled it with some spring-like branches that I purchased at a plant store around the corner; the setup adds tons of cheer to my NYC living room. I recommend placing a smaller vase or even just a drinking glass inside if you’re going to fill the wicker vase with live greenery, as you definitely can’t just fill the piece up with water and call it a day. 

Wicker vase filled with cherry blossom branches.

Design: Sarah Lyon; Photo: Allie Provost

As with many of the Studio McGee for Target products, this vase has a large fanbase on social media. Content creator and stylist Chrissy DelSantro made the piece look lovely in her farmhouse-style home.

“I'm currently using it with greenery in the living room,” she shares. “I like that it can be used all year long and you can just change out the florals inside. It’s such a staple piece.” 

Wicker vase on small ottoman in farmhouse-style living room.

Chrissy DelSantro

Content creator Jessi Caparella, whose style leans more modern, also purchased the vase, which pairs wonderfully with a painting by the artist Josh Young.

“It’s no surprise the vase has gone completely viral,” Caparella says. "It blends so well with just about every design style there is, from eclectic to farmhouse and grandmillennial to wabi-sabi. I love that it adds natural warmth and organic texture to the more contemporary vignettes in my home!” 

Wicker vase on bookshelf next to modern art.

Jessi Caparella

Trust me (well, trust us!), the vase is worth grabbing the next time you’re strolling through your local Target store or placing an order online. Truly, can you think of a better way to spend $30?