Taste for the Exotic: Soleil Moon Frye

THE DOSSIER: NAME: Soleil Moon Frye and Jason Goldberg. TRADE: Actress, host of the new OWN network show Home Made Simple, author (forthcoming kids party planning book Let's Get This Party Started is due out this October), web entrepreneur (the companion app to family-friendly site Moonfrye launches this month), and co-owner of organic children's boutique The Little Seed; and film and television executive producer (The Butterfly EffectPunk'd), respectively. VIBE: Cal-Moroccan. ABODE: Early 20th-century four-bedroom house in Hancock Park, CA.

When Soleil Moon Frye and her husband Jason Goldberg moved into their Spanish-style 1918 residence in 2006, soon after welcoming their first daughter, Poet, it was the intangibles that initially won them over. "The house has great energy--and I'm all about energy," Frye says. True to these New Agey leanings, the actress let the residence itself, with its stucco walls, arched windows, and abundance of tile work, lead the way aesthetically--taking cues from prior owner, actor John Malkovich's predilection for Moroccan décor. "The pieces that came with the house were just so beautiful," Frye explains. "From a gorgeous hand-carved soap holder to a fountain in the bathroom--there's just character in ever room."

FOCUS GROUPS Frye amplified the inherited influence with her curated collection of medina-worthy lanterns, vibrantly patterned throw pillows, and a pair of lush indoor butterfly palm trees. Still, the couple's taste, both philosophically and in terms of their design aesthetic, is hardly limited: "I mean, we celebrate Christmas, we celebrate Hanukah, we celebrate everything--and we just love beautiful pieces, regardless of where they're from," Frye says, pointing to the pair's collection of buddhas, picked up close to home and on a trip to Bali, as proof.

LIGHT AND DARK Though colorful accents abound, Frye favors white walls throughout for their "clean, open, airy" feeling. Earthy counterpoints such as stained wood floors, distressed leather cigar chairs from Dispela Antiques, and a vintage opium bed repurposed as a coffee table highlight the effect by contrast.

GIRLS ALOUD If anyone understands the value of a rainbow aesthetic to a growing girl, it's arguably Frye, who spent her formative years in kaleidoscopic gear as iconic TV orphan Punky Brewster. So when it came to decorating the bedroom of daughters Poet, 5, and Jagger, 7, she empowered the girls to break with the house's prevalent scheme. Walls are painted in hot pink acrylic paint sourced from an art supply store, multi-patterned bunting crafted by Frye's friend Lisa Rowe is strung from each spindle bed, and a garland of multicultural flags sourced from LA store Lost & Found serves as the room's focal point. "It was about what they wanted, but also making it aesthetically pleasing and tying it all together," says Frye.



Leather Chairs
Dispela Antiques
Fez Ottoman Stools
1st Dibs
Assorted Throw Pillows
Coco CozyNathan Turner
Heath Ceramics
Dining Room Pendant Light
Maison Midi
Ralph Lauren
Large Pillows
Estee Stanley
Children's Pillows
Lost & Found


Photograph: Andrew Arthur