These Are the 7 Best Taupe Paint Colors (According to Trend Reports)

Updated 06/11/19

Graphic by Cristina Cianci

While taupe is not necessarily the paint color you'd naturally gravitate toward, it can look fantastic in a wide range of settings, which is probably why it was at the forefront of many paint brands' color trend reports this year. As evidenced in the room by interior designer Jessica Helgerson above, it can mix particularly well with deep jewel tones like royal blue and fuchsia.

Due to its dark and neutral nature taupe hues provide an option for larger rooms that's moody while being warmer and more inviting than a typical charcoal gray. The same goes for small spaces like powder rooms and bathrooms that are low in natural light and need a deep, dark paint color to maximize their potential.

Taupe can also be a wonderful choice for kitchen cabinets.

To pinpoint the best taupe paint colors on the market right now, we scoured all the paint brands' trend reports and handpicked the most popular taupe shades, from light to dark. Get ready to make your space a whole lot moodier. These are our favorite taupe paint colors.

Behr Off the Grid
Behr Off the Grid $28

The lightest of all taupe shades this year, Behr's Off the Grid would work well in a large sunlit room.

Sherwin-Williams Moth Wing
Sherwin-Williams Moth Wing $28

A slightly lighter and warmer taupe color, Sherwin-Williams's Moth Wing will add warmth to any space.

Sherwin-Williams Dry Dock
Sherwin-Williams Dry Dock $28

Similar to Moth Wing but with a slightly redder undertone, Sherwin-Williams's Dry Dock has a beautiful earthy character.

Benjamin Moore Smoked Oyster
Benjamin Moore Smoked Oyster $37

Benjamin Moore's Smoked Oyster was front and center in this year's color trend report—it's a dark, bold taupe color with purple undertones.

Behr Road Less Travelled
Behr Road Less Travelled $28

Behr's Road Less Travelled is one of the paint brand's hot color of the year and is a deep taupe shade with warm undertones.

Sherwin-Williams Poised Taupe
Sherwin-Williams Poised Taupe $28

A true taupe tone, this dark Sherwin-Williams paint color is ideal for those who aren't afraid of the dark.

Sherwin-Williams Porpoise
Sherwin-Williams Porpoise $28

One of the darker tones in this year's color trend reports, Sherwin-Williams's Porpoise would be ideal in a north-facing room with very little natural light.

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