Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Taylor Swift's Rhode Island Home

We're all about indulging the Taylor Swift fascination, especially when it comes to her impressive real estate portfolio that stretches from New York to California. While the pop singer recently made headlines due to a dustup with social media queen Kim Kardashian, we're more than happy to shift the focus to her fabulous Rhode Island mansion (it definitely deserves it). Not only does the home provide a stunning Instagram backdrop, as evidenced by Swift's personal account, it's also the scene of Hiddleswift's blossoming summer romance. Here are three interesting tidbits about Swift's summer locale, as originally reported by Elle Decor's Laura Beck:

Yes, Taylor Swift paid a whopping $17.75 million for the 11,000-square-foot mansion—in cash. I guess we shouldn't be surprised, considering her coveted spot on Forbes's Richest Self-Made Women list.

One says "I knew you were trouble when you walked in," followed by "No Trespassing" in big, bold letters. We can get on board with that.

The town of Watch Hill, Rhode Island, has adopted Swift as its own personal celebrity pet, according to local architect Nate McBride. "[She] is an anomaly. So she's like our pet celebrity. Everyone has kind of adopted her and refers to her by her first name."

Check out the full list of fun facts here, and vacation like Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston by booking a Watch Hill Airbnb.