Turns Out, the Healthiest Way to Make Tea Doesn't Involve a Kettle

Updated 09/05/17
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Valerie Janssen

You'd think that brewing the perfect cup of tea is fairly straightforward, but if you use a kettle to boil water, a new study suggests you might be going about the process all wrong. According to a recent Australian study, one method releases more nutrients, making it better for your health—and it takes just 30 seconds. 

Scientist Quan Vuong examined the release of nutrient compounds when you steep tea in hot water versus preparing it in the microwave. Surprisingly, heating tea in the microwave releases 80% of the nutrient compounds, versus 60% when you use a kettle. 

Those tea compounds are so crucial because they're linked to a torrent of health benefits. PureWow points out that theanine, an amino acid, promotes stress relief while polyphenol compounds, a type of antioxidant, can fight the signs of aging. 

Convinced you should change your afternoon tea ritual? Follow Vuong's simple method: Combine hot water and a tea bag in a mug, then zap it in the microwave on half power for 30 seconds to encourage the release of nutrients. Remove the bag and reap the health benefits. 

How do you brew the perfect cup?

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