These Tech Companies Are Helping Stay-at-Home Moms Find New Jobs

Raising children is a lot of work, arguably more work than a 9-to-5 job. For this reason, many new parents find themselves leaving the workforce after starting a family—a decision that's often left up to mothers. Between the cost of a daily babysitter and the inherent struggle in balancing work life with family life, becoming a full-time caregiver is often the most logical, cost-effective choice for many families.

If and when these parents do want to re-enter the workforce, problems can arise. Knowing this, six tech companies are launching initiatives designed to welcome full-time caregivers back into the workforce with open arms. Domain register GoDaddy, online education platform Coursera, grocery delivery service Instacart, software company Zendesk, marketing company Demandbase, and content distribution network CloudFlare will begin offering "returnships" for mid-career professionals looking to re-enter the workforce this coming October.

According to Fortune, these "returnships" come in the form of 18-week paid internships designed by an organization called Path Forward, which seeks to restart the careers of stay-at-home moms in particular.

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