One (Seriously) Simple Tech Update for a Less Hectic New Year

Updated 11/27/17
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Tech advancements have become our greatest champion on being regularly and constantly informed. We don’t have to physically stay at the office to pathologically check emails throughout the night, nor must we look further than our fitness trackers to get a sense of how active (or not) we’ve been on any given day. We have devices to track our sleep, tablets to keep us entertained on the go, and there’s no way we’re going anywhere without our smartphones.

We’re clearly more efficient and connected than we’ve ever been before—but now we’re literally weighed down by having to lug around so many devices. Which is why the rise of smartwatches feels like such a good thing: Fossil’s chic Fossil Q smartwatch, for one, gives us the ability to listen to music, track our activity, take photos, and stay connected to emails without feeling so tethered to a bag full of screens (not to mention a tangle of chargers).

Got a few spare minutes? Keep reading to learn why you need to invest in your first smartwatch (or pick up a new one, if you’re already on board).


Fossil Q Jacqueline Hybrid Smartwatch in Navy Leather $155

Decided to opt out of your workout for the day? Don't stress—the Fossil Q automatically tracks your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned each day. So even if your only exercise for the day involves walking the long way to your favorite lunch spot, you can still see your progress for the day. And hey, there's always tomorrow.


Fossil Q Neely Hybrid Smartwatch in Bone Leather $155

Of course, there’s more to staying healthy than working out: It’s also important that we log the requisite amount of sleep each night—good, solid sleep, that is. The Fossil Q makes it possible for you to tell how restful your sleep actually was, how long you were asleep for, and what time you’re waking up. Oh, and you won’t have to worry about waking up to a dead battery (or searching for another outlet by your bed) if you’re relying on the Fossil Q as your alarm clock—it never needs to get charged.

You can also use your smartwatch to set goals like drinking more water (yep, that’s perennially on our to-do list).


Fossil Q Venture Smartwatch in Rose Gold $275

For many of us, work isn’t a true 9-to-5 deal anymore. And while we don’t mind being on call for the serious after-hours tasks, we’d rather not lug around our company laptops when we don’t have to. Strap the Fossil Q on your wrist and you’ll be able to see text messages and stay connected to your ever-expanding inbox without losing your mind. And if you’re working with colleagues on another coast (or another continent), the watch’s ability to switch time zones in a snap makes it easier than ever to sync up and meet important deadlines.

Convinced? Visit to snag a smartwatch for everyone on your holiday shopping list (and one for yourself, of course).

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