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NEST THERMOSTAT Like your very own temperature butler, Nest Learning Thermostat creates a personalized schedule for your home based on the temperatures you like, and adapts when you leave for the day--to avoid cooling or heating an empty abode. $250, The Home Depot PHILIPS HUE LIGHT BULBS Philips Hue brings a whole new meaning to wireless mood lighting: screw in these smart LED bulbs--which can be programmed to emit subtle variations on white (from warm yellow white to vibrant blue white) as well as your disco purples and reds. 3-Bulb Starter Pack $200, Amazon APPLE TV A diminutive device with monumental entertainment potential, Apple TV plays movies, TV shows, and music from iTunes, Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube and more on your widescreen TV--plus those holiday snaps (Galapagos Island slideshow anyone?). $99, Apple
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SONOS WIRELESS SOUND SYSTEM Sonos has cornered the market on affordable wireless hi-fi systems that play music from your smartphone or tablet. Their new Playbar connects to your television for live concert sound. From $299, Sonos  BELKIN WEMO SWITCH SENSOR WeMo Switch + Motion enables you to turn things off and on remotely, trigger electronics with motion, and create a schedule for your favorite device. $80, Belkin SONY 4K ULTRA HDTV If your television suddenly morphed into a superhero, this is what it would look like: the LED 4K HDTV features a Triluminous display that gives images a heightened sense of depth and vivid reality, while the built-in Wi-Fi Direct gets you streaming seamlessly. From $5,000, Sony
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ADT PULSE SECURITY SYSTEM Who needs a bodyguard? This system enables you to lock or unlock your door from almost anywhere, receive text or email alerts when your door is locked or unlocked, use cameras on your touchscreen to see who's at your front door--and much more. From $99, Best Buy IROBOT ROOMBA 790 VACUUM Until they make a vacuum you can ride, this is the next best thing. The Roomba 790 comes with a touchscreen remote control for room-to-room control, and is designed to handle hardwood, carpets, tile and linoleum floors with ease. It also keeps your pets entertained. $700, iRobot APPLE IPAD-MINI The ultimate coffee table addition, this mini version of the beloved iPad is a must-have couch-surfing accessory equipped with apps that control most of the other gadgets in this grid--so, we could make the argument that it's almost silly not to snag one. From $329, Apple